Friday, May 25, 2012

I Am Asking Now...

It's the time of year my "worry gear" kicks into overdrive. There is so much going on, especially with our young people, that I just worry. I know that worrying doesn't help...but I do it anyway. 

So today I ask in earnest prayer that God will protect you in all you do
That He will guide you and comfort you in each experience, old and new.

That He opens your eyes, your heart and mind
That you will see the things He wants you to find

I pray that you know He has big plans in store
For today, tomorrow and so much more

Approach each day with care and grace
Enjoy the moments and in each thing see God's face.

You are loved beyond any measure
You are a gift and a person to treasure

I ask the God watches over you with care
Whether you are here, away or anywhere

Be safe and know that you are loved, cherished from all of us and God above.

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