Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What Your Magazine Says About You

Stacks and Stacks! I have a hard time parting with them. They have been read several times through and end up in one of the many piles throughout the house…magazines! I have tried to come up with a system for clipping and filing, so far nothing that works out too well. I was looking at the magazines I have now and reflected back to my magazine “growing cycle”.

The magazine I was reading at the time was very indicative of how old I was or what stage of my life I was at. Here’s a little sampling…

Seventeen…You guessed it I was seventeen! That was the magazine I read in high school. I enjoyed looking at the latest styles of clothes, prom dresses and hair and make-up trends. I never was really able to keep up with those trends, but I did my best. Fortunately, I grew up in a very small town, so the pressure wasn’t as great. The magazine these days looks a little more like a teenage Cosmo!

BRIDES…I skipped reading many magazines in college, enough reading was required in class! The next magazine was BRIDES. First it was purchased to drop a MAJOR hint…it took a while. Finally the day came that I had a reason to be reading. My wedding was on a much smaller budget, but I gathered great ideas from this beautiful magazine!

Parents…That magazine was a life saver for me, especially with our first child! The tips, ideas, coupons and articles made me at least FEEL like I knew what I was doing. I had the Parents magazine as a regular for many years.

CRAFTS…As the kids got older and the budget got tighter, I started making more gifts for our family and friends. The Crafts magazine was my current favorite. I also loved it because there were ideas for crafts I could make with the kids.

GARDEN…Many varieties of garden magazines graced my magazine racks. I suddenly became very interested in my flower and vegetable gardens…the crafts went on the back burner. I tried replicating many of the gardens I found in these magazines.

Women’s Day, Good Housekeeping and Ladies Home Journal…I was approaching late 30’s, early 40’s. Crockpot recipes, time management, budget ideas and health tips were what I was looking for and these magazines had all of the answers.

PEOPLE, US and In Touch…for a brief spell I was wishing I was younger and more elegant. I followed the celebrities for a while, but the drama became too much. I even had a friend buy me a subscription for my birthday…I never renewed…I realized I could never (and didn’t want to) be like those stars!

PREVENTION…Okay, so I hit 40! Now I needed to know how to take care of myself…I was getting older and out of shape….that led to…

SHAPE, WEIGHT WATCHERS AND FITNESS…If only I could have done everything those magazines said!

Taste of Home, Rachel Ray and Food Network…I finally, after 20 years of marriage decided to spice up my cooking style and menus. I am still in this mode. My family has enjoyed the change and knows when I have been reading a new issue.

Woman’s World and FIRST…my current favorites. They boast a new diet each week, great recipes and short articles.

I found it kind of funny looking back on this cycle…I wonder which magazine will come next? What is your current favorite…maybe I can guess your age

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